A Quilt Cover fit for a Spring Sleep 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Styling With Jade, I hope your doing well. This week I’m going to take you through some of my favourite on trend quilt cover/duvet covers/bedspreads. As we are well into Spring now here in Australia all the items you see below will be very colourful to suit the season. I should also mention all the shops you can buy these from are all Australian, and unfortunately they do not ship worldwide. All the links will be left in the description of each quilt cover. 

Now let’s kick it off with this floral patterned quilt cover from Myer. This item is basically Spring, flowers and colour create a great pop in your bedroom, it’s like bringing the outside inside. With a couple of plain coloured cushions to tie in with the colours I think this quilt cover would look good in any room. Also I’d just like to mention how much I love the pendant light beside the bed. You can purchase this quilt cover by clicking here.


Next we have this beauty which is from the Alex Perry range also available at Myer. I love the pattern on it and I think it’s not to in your face yet still has some touches of colour and pattern. I have a vision in my head that this would go great against a black wall, but I think it would still look great on white, grey, cream or maybe experiment with something a bit bolder. If you would like to purchase this one than you can find it by clicking here.


Next up we have another cover from Myer with cool tones to it. I feel like this is for a more calm space, yet still shows a bit of a creative flare. I do love the concrete wall behind the bed but obviously not everyone has this in there house but I think a light grey wall paint would also do the job and look great with this quilt cover. You can purchase this quilt by clicking here.


Finally we have one that is not from Myer, this one can be found at Freedom Furniture. This one is what I would call a bold choice, for this quilt cover to fit your room it’s important that your previous colour scheme matches this. If not it could look a little out of place, with that being said with the right colour scheme this quilt cover could look amazing and it’s one of my top picks for this season. It can be found here.

My last quilt cover for this Spring series is this one from Myer. Like the first one it features a floral pattern but it’s not so bright therefore it will suit more options regarding existing colour scheme and personal preference. I love the tangerine colour of the flowers and it goes great with the light blue of the background. This is a great choice for someone who prefers a less vibrant quilt cover but still likes that slight pop of colour. If you would like to purchase this one you can do so by clicking here.


So that’s it for my Spring Collection of quilt covers, I hope you liked them and are maybe considering a revamp for this Spring. Also I did forget to mention in the introduction a lot of the cushions seen in these shots can actually be purchased seperately aswell. If you guys have any questions, advice or photos you would like to share than please leave them in the comments below. You can also contact me privately using the link in the menu at the very top of this page that says Contact Me. Also if you are new to this page and would like to see more you can do so by following this blog using the buttons in the menu to the right. 

Thankyou for reading, and I will see you next week with another post.



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