How to Style and Make your Bed 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Styling with Jade, this week the topic of chatter is on how to style and make your bed. Now obviously this is all up to personal preference and how you prefer your bed to look, but I’m going to take you through my ideal styling of a bed. 

Now the first thing to be put on your bed are sheets. If your looking for good quality sheets than either Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton or Pima cotton are good options, with a high thread count. So first to be put on the bed is the fitted sheet, a quick tip I found here on Style Me Pretty if you like un creased sheets but aren’t a fan of the iron than dry your sheets but not 100%. While they are still just slightly damp stretch them out onto the bed and they will dry flat and un creased. Obviously if you were to use this trick you would do it in the morning so they have plenty of time to dry. Next is the flat sheet, personally I don’t usually use a flat sheet as it just annoys me and I find it a hassle when making the bed but if you like it than this is the time to use yours. 

Next is your quilt,duvet,comforter or whatever you use as your main blanket. My favourite look when it comes to styling your duvet is to have it hanging over the sides. So basically you just throw it over the top of your bed than pull it out neatly on each side. If you like yours tucked in than that’s fine to but personally l like mine a bit messy (it’s also easier to make your bed of a morning this way). If you do live in a colder climate and use more than one blanket go ahead and layer it as you please.

Next are the pillows and bed cushions, the first thing that I must point out is its not all about the cushions. Time and time again I see so many people that over style everything with cushions whether it be a lounge/couch, a bed or a chair. The first thing I think of is who wants to take that many cushions off there bed when they want to go to sleep definitely not me. The other reason is it just makes your bedroom look cluttered and if you have another item that is intended to be the feature it often gets drowned out by to many cushions. So the first photo down below is an example of what I mean by to many cushions and clutter. The deer on the quilt cover is being drowned out by to much colour and the quantity of cushions. Next to this is a photo of a bed with just the right amount of cushions that make it look comfy and sophisticated. 

1st image via 2nd image via

 When it comes to the actual pillows, a little trick I actually picked up from my Grandma is to keep the matching pillow cases to the quilt cover clean and unworn don’t use them to sleep on. Instead I like to use a plain white pillow case on the pillow I use to sleep on, or if your main colour scheme is black you could use a black pillow case etc. Than I just use a basic pillow to display my matching duvet pillow case and only use this as a show pillow. 

Lastly is a throw or thin blanket, this will add some texture and warmth to the bed. You can just literally throw it over the end of the bed, place it neatly or tuck it in aswell. 

 So that’s it for my ideal styling of a bed, above is a collage of beds styled to my taste so you can get an idea of the finished product. I hope this helped and makes you try something different next time you make your bed. If you have any of your own tips please leave them below in the comments, I would love to hear them. That’s all for this week, thankyou for reading and I will be back with another post this Sunday. 



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