Getting the most out of your Renovation 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Styling with Jade, I hope your all doing well. This week I want to talk about getting the most out of your money when renovating/styling to sell your home. With popular home renovation shows such as the block being so popular here in Australia it seems more and more people are renovating homes to sell them soon after completion. So let’s talk about what to spend your money on to get the most return.

The first thing to think about when styling to sell is the fixtures that are going to be left behind when all the furniture is gone. They say a person makes their judgement on whether or not to buy a house based on the kitchen and the bathroom as these are the hardest and most expensive areas of a home to change. 

So with that in mind the first thing I would advise you to splash some money on is your kitchen fit out, cabinetry, bench tops, splashbacks, appliances etc. By adding some value in your kitchen you will be adding market value and buyers appeal. 

The next room on the list for a healthier size budget is you guessed it the bathroom. Even if your budget isn’t huge you will be surprised on the area you can create if you research. Taps and handles, can change the feel of a room, the size of a room can also really change the feel so if you can, make it as generous as possible. Storage is also a big aspect that sellers look at so maximise the space as best you can.

Another item to spend big on if you can is the flooring, real timber floors are something many buyers will appeal to. Obviously it’s all up to personal preference and your target market but I would advise to stick with timber flooring in the living areas. When it comes to bedrooms, if you like carpet than go with carpet. If your budget allows look for a good quality carpet, one that feels nice under your feet yet still wears well for the most added value.

The next thing is natural light, if you are completely renovating a home and are able to change the window positioning I would definitely reccomend doing so. A good amount of natural light will instantly open the house up and will appeal to your buyer. Not only is it a smart design feature it’s better for the enviroment as it prevents the over use of power for lighting. 

The last thing I want to talk about isn’t directly regarding the money spent on the styling of a property to sell, instead it’s about researching the people you want to sell to. By knowing your market you can create the home they want which will generally mean a higher return come sale day. 
So those are my tips on styling/renovating a home to sell. If you are or have recently renovated a home and you would like to share some pictures please do I would love to see them, you can contact me in the menu above. I hope you all enjoyed this, because I really enjoyed writing this one. I will be back next Sunday with another post to entertain you all so until than enjoy your week.



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