Using Mood Boards for Inspiration 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Styling with Jade, today I want to talk about using mood boards. I’m a very creative person if you can’t already tell so I love creating my own mood boards. These are great for giving yourself a vision when it comes to designing a room, you can use these for other things aswell.

First thing I want to say when it comes to mood boards is there’s no limits. Go as crazy as you want with as many as you want, the more you create the more options you have. So I’m a big fan of the good old searching through magazines and cutting and pasting, it’s fun and relaxing. But these days we use technology a lot and there’s a new way to create mood boards and that is Pinterest. Now I know 99% of you will probably know what Pinterest is but in case your new to the site it’s basically an online data base full of photos that you pin to an online “pin board” to look at later. If you would like more information on what Pinterest is and how to use it then you can find some extra information here.

Also if your new to the whole concept of a mood board let me take you through some general things to include in your mood board. So obviously it depends on the format you choose to use but there really is not limits. Some typical things you would include in a mood board are:

  1. Colour choices
  2. Furniture ideas
  3. Decor items
  4. Fabric samples
  5. Textures
  6. Art work
  7. Samples
  8. Linen ideas 
  9. Lighting options
  10. Any other inspiration for the style or look your going for 

Below I have left a couple of mood boards I found on Pinterest that show in both an online format and the old school magazine, scissors and glue. Hopefully these give you guys a few ideas on how to create your own mood board.     

So if your building/renovating a house or maybe just restyling try creating a mood board for the area. You can try one style or create multiple mood boards for a few different styles to see which one you like best. This will make your job easier when picking the components of your room and also allow you to envision them earlier hopefully preventing styling problems in the future.

Well that’s it for mood boards today, I hope you enjoyed this and it’s given you some inspiration to create your own mood board. Even if your not looking to use it for a purpose just give it a go, it could be useful in the future or just a bit of fun on a lazy Sunday. I’ll be back next week with another post for your enjoyment, thankyou for reading. 



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