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Living in a Loft 

Hello everyone and welcome back to Styling with Jade, today I want to talk about one of the biggest interior design trends of the present and that is the loft style living. There are so many variations of this style now and I thought while I’m having a little look I may aswell take you guys along on the journey aswell.

I think the most popular style of loft living is the bedroom. From kids rooms, to adults this trend has grown and is only getting bigger. One of the major upsides to using a loft style is that you can maximise the space within your house. 

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The next one is the study, a lot of homes these days are being built with a loft style study. This allows the room to be up and out of the way, and is especially good if there is not enough room in your existing home.


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Another popular room being transformed into the loft style is the wardrobe/closet. If there is a lack of space on the ground floor and plenty of room up towards the ceiling than why not build a space to expand your closet. 

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The last popular way of using a loft style in the interior of a home is simply by opening up an area of your upstairs which is exposed to the downstairs. I think this all came about due to the desire to have an open plan living area. Below are some of my favourite ways to create this loft style inside someone’s home.

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The only downside I can think of when it comes to loft style living is the heat. As you’ve all probably been told a million times hot air rises and thus would leave your loft area a little hotter than the rest of your house. Obviously there is solutions to this and that would be considered during the planning process. 

So I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post, if you have any comments please leave them below and like and share with your friends. If you have a loft style room in your home than please let me know I’d love to hear about your experience. Also just quickly all my written posts (Sunday’s) from now until Christmas will be festive inspired so if you are a big lover of Christmas like me than make sure not to miss out. Thankyou for reading everyone.